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Tag type: General

A variation of the :3 catty face, with the furrowed eyebrows indicating not anger, but a devious mischievousness, usually to the detriment of a target's well-being.

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Last updated: 02/06/13 10:45 AM by jedi1357
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>:3 armor barefoot black_fingernails black_tail black_toenails blonde_hair breastplate cleavage_cutout closed_mouth demon_girl halo highres holding_tail horns long_hair mask miniskirt morning_star_(weapon) pauldrons pillow purple_eyes skirt tail tooth transparent_background undershirt uruido white_horns wristband>:3 1girl absurdres barefoot black_hair braid dark_skin feet full_body hands_on_feet highres indian_style jahy jahy_sama_wa_kujikenai konbu_wakame long_hair looking_at_viewer naked_shirt off_shoulder oversized_clothes red_eyes shirt short_sleeves simple_background single_braid sitting t-shirt white_background white_shirt>:3 black_collar blonde_hair blue_eyes bowsette crown earrings fang fang_out highres jewelry new_super_mario_bros._u_deluxe palpe self_upload short_hair simple_background smug solo spikes super_crown upper_body >:3 2girls :d ;d antlers blonde_hair blue_background blush bow breasts brown_bow brown_hair brown_skirt cleavage drill_hair flower_knight_girl frilled_skirt frills gift gingerbread_man green_bow hair_bow hair_ornament hand_holding hat highres holly_(flower_knight_girl) jumping long_hair looking_at_viewer luhanhan medium_breasts multiple_girls one_eye_closed open_mouth poinsettia_(flower_knight_girl) pom_pom_(clothes) ponytail red_hat red_skirt reindeer santa_hat simple_background skirt skirt_hold small_breasts smile snow star thighhighs translation_request watermark web_address white_legwear yellow_eyes  >:3 :3 absurdres age_difference black_eyes blush closed_mouth commentary creature curled_up doodlelotl electricity english_commentary eyes_closed fangs fat faux_traditional_media full_body gen_2_pokemon hair_raising highres kotora_(pokemon) lightning_bolt limited_palette no_humans open_mouth orange_background paws pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_gsc_beta puffy_cheeks raitora simple_background size_difference sleeping standing striped_tail tail tail_raised tiger whiskers >:3 >:d 1girl :3 :d animalization bangs bare_shoulders black_shirt boku_no_hero_academia copyright_name crossover detached_sleeves electricity facial_mark gen_1_pokemon headband highres hug jirou_kyouka kaminari_denki kneehighs liyuchen1126 long_sleeves looking_at_viewer open_mouth pikachu pokemon purple_eyes purple_hair shirt short_hair sitting smile v-shaped_eyebrows

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