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The exclamation point is used to depict comical shock or surprise.

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 ! 1girl 3boys absurdres aqua_eyes armpits bare_legs bare_shoulders blue_skirt blush breasts commentary_request detached_sleeves eyebrows_visible_through_hair frills frog_hair_ornament green_hair hair_ornament hair_tubes hat highres holding index_finger_raised japanese_clothes kimono kochiya_sanae large_breasts long_hair long_sleeves multiple_boys open_mouth panties shirt simple_background skirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt smile snake_hair_ornament socks standing techi_(techi35499) touhou translation_request underwear very_long_hair white_background white_legwear white_panties white_shirt wide_sleeves wind wind_lift ! 1girl akamatsu_yui bow bow_panties brown_hair bush cape demon_horns eyes_closed fangs female flat_chest horns loli mitsuboshi_colors navel panties pink_bow pink_panties solo standing striped_panties tears text translation_request trg-_(sain) underwear ! ... 2girls angry bangs bar_stool bbb_(friskuser) blank_eyes blunt_bangs blush breasts clenched_teeth comic commentary_request drinking embarrassed eyes_closed formal full_body girls_und_panzer glass greyscale hand_on_own_cheek hand_up highres hime_cut jacket large_breasts long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer monochrome multiple_girls nishizumi_shiho one_eye_closed open_mouth shimada_chiyo shoes sitting smile spoken_ellipsis spoken_exclamation_mark stool suit surprised sweatdrop teeth translation_request ! ... 1boy 1girl ahoge akashi_(azur_lane) animal_ears azur_lane bar_censor bell black_hair blush bow censored dark-skinned_male dark_skin dress eyebrows_visible_through_hair fox_ears green_hair hetero interracial jitome licking loli long_hair long_sleeves male_pubic_hair open_mouth oral penis pointless_censoring precum pubic_hair red_bow retasu_(qazkaraage110) solo_focus text tongue tongue_out upper_body veins veiny_penis! 1girl anus bar_censor black_hair bound bound_wrists bow censored clitoris dutch_angle eyebrows_visible_through_hair flat_chest hair_bow heart loli long_hair lying navel nipples nude on_back open_mouth pointless_censoring pussy puyo_momo red_bow red_eyes ryuuou_no_oshigoto! shiny shiny_skin spread_legs spread_pussy tape tears text translation_request yashajin_ai ! 1girl :o ahoge alternate_costume backlighting bangs black_panties blurry blurry_foreground blush braid breasts breasts_apart collarbone depth_of_field hair_flaps hair_ornament hair_over_shoulder hair_ribbon hairpin hakama hakama_pull japanese_clothes kantai_collection kimono long_hair long_sleeves miko navel open_clothes open_kimono open_mouth panties red_hakama red_ribbon remodel_(kantai_collection) ribbon shigure_(kantai_collection) single_braid small_breasts solo speech_bubble spoken_exclamation_mark stomach tareme underwear undressing ushiotoko&hiroshi wide_sleeves

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