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Tag type: General

The exclamation point is used to depict comical shock or surprise.

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 ! 1boy 1girl 302 absurdres bag blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair bracelet comic dated double_thumbs_up english eyewear_on_shirt gaelio_bauduin gundam gundam_tekketsu_no_orphans handbag hands_in_pockets high_heels highres jewelry julietta_juris pentagon_(shape) signature spoken_exclamation_mark sunglasses sweatdrop thumbs_up ! !? 6+girls ahoge angry animated arm_up ass ball bare_shoulders black_hair blonde_hair blush breasts brown_eyes censored cleavage couch earrings everyone eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed eyes_visible_through_hair fujiwara_konomi fujiwara_yoriko glowing gluteal_fold green_eyes hair_ornament hairclip holding holding_ball holding_paddle indoors jewelry large_breasts legs_crossed long_hair low_twintails mitsui_sonoa multiple_girls natsuno_hanabi no_bra no_panties no_pupils off_shoulder open_mouth paddle purple_eyes purple_hair red_eyes red_hair short_hair sitting smile standing stud_earrings table_tennis table_tennis_ball table_tennis_paddle tachibanakan_triangle takamura_iori talking tsukishiro_yuu twintails vending_machine webm yellow_eyes ! 1girl bare_shoulders black_legwear blush boku_no_hero_academia bra breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cleavage highres large_breasts lingerie looking_at_viewer navel open_mouth panties pantyhose pantyhose_pull shaito short_hair solo stomach sweatdrop underwear undressing uraraka_ochako  ! 4girls ? bangs blunt_bangs blush chair collared_shirt commentary_request desk freckles greyscale hand_on_another's_head katou_asuka kuroki_tomoko long_hair long_sleeves monochrome multiple_girls necktie open_mouth popora_(nene_ichido) shaded_face shirt short_hair sitting sketch spoken_exclamation_mark spoken_question_mark sweat tamura_yuri tanaka_mako triangle_mouth watashi_ga_motenai_no_wa_dou_kangaetemo_omaera_ga_warui!  ! 1girl bangs blunt_bangs blush cellphone comic commentary_request eyes_closed flying_sweatdrops head_rest holding holding_cellphone holding_phone naruse_yuu no_nose open_mouth phone popora_(nene_ichido) sketch smartphone smile spoken_exclamation_mark texting watashi_ga_motenai_no_wa_dou_kangaetemo_omaera_ga_warui! ! 2girls ? ass awa bent_over bikini black_hair blush breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cleavage embarrassed eyebrows_visible_through_hair harukana_receive higa_kanata medium_breasts multiple_girls oozora_haruka_(harukana_receive) plaid plaid_bikini polka_dot polka_dot_bikini ponytail small_breasts smile swimsuit thought_bubble wavy_mouth

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