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Tag type: Character

Also known as B.B. Hood (Baby Bonnie Hood). She is cute and innocent looking blonde haired girl who is modeled after Red Riding Hood. Despite her harmless appearance, she is in fact a ruthless hunter and one of the few normal human characters in the Vampire or Darkstalkers franchise. She debuted in Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire/ Darkstalkers 3 and has made appearances in Capcom vs crossovers like Marvel vs Capcom 2, and SNK vs Capcom.

She is voiced by Matsushita_Miyuki

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 1girl :d apron bangs bare_arms basket blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bow bowtie bulleta capelet facing_away flipped_hair frilled_apron frills full_body gun hair_between_eyes holding holding_gun holding_weapon hood hood_up hooded_capelet index_finger_raised leg_up looking_at_viewer miyata_(lhr) open_mouth pom_pom_(clothes) raised_eyebrows red_bow red_capelet red_footwear red_neckwear red_skirt shoes short_hair skirt smile solo standing standing_on_one_leg star star-shaped_pupils submachine_gun symbol-shaped_pupils tongue trigger_discipline vampire_(game) weapon white_apron 1girl apron blonde_hair bow bowtie bulleta capelet commentary_request dress grimace gun hair_over_eyes hankuri holding holding_gun holding_weapon hood hood_up legs_apart picnic_basket pom_pom_(clothes) red_capelet red_dress red_footwear red_hood red_neckwear shell_casing shoes solo standing submachine_gun vampire_(game) weapon white_apron1girl :d apron blonde_hair blush bow bowtie bulleta falling gun highres holding holding_gun holding_weapon hood hood_up knife looking_at_viewer mac_10 open_mouth purple_eyes red_footwear red_neckwear scar short_hair short_sleeves smile solo submachine_gun treeware vampire_(game) weapon2girls age_difference apron artist_name bird blonde_hair blue_eyes bowl bread bug bulleta butterfly capelet chair character_request combat_knife dog dress dynamite eating egg explosive eyebrows_visible_through_hair food fork fruit glasses grandma grenade grey_hair gun head_scarf hood imi_uzi insect knife looking_at_another maid_apron milk money multiple_girls older open_mouth orange peeling plant pom_pom_(clothes) potted_plant quilt red_footwear red_hood rocket_launcher rpg rpg-7 short_hair simple_background slippers smile strap submachine_gun sweater table text_focus translated tree vampire_(game) weapon white_background whoisshe 1girl anus apron ass basket blonde_hair blue_eyes bulleta censored check_commentary commentary_request dress highres hood_up hooded_dress loli looking_at_viewer lying mosaic_censoring no_panties on_bed on_side open_mouth pussy red_dress shisha_no_karada short_hair solo tearing_up vampire_(game) white_apron  1girl basket blonde_hair blue_eyes bottle bulleta capelet closed_mouth gun hair_between_eyes handgun hankuri holding holding_gun holding_weapon hood_up little_red_riding_hood little_red_riding_hood_(grimm) looking_at_viewer pink_background pistol red_hood red_pupils short_hair simple_background smile solo upper_body vampire_(game) weapon when_you_see_it

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