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Sometimes a reference to Azumanga_Daioh, but other times, simply an interjection expressing surprise.

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2boys a animated animated_gif c3_piyo erection fellatio green_eyes hotarumaru large_penis male_focus multiple_boys penis saliva shot silver_hair size_difference sucking tagme touken_ranbu yaoi1girl a blush breasts censored cleavage clothed_female_nude_male dead_or_alive dead_or_alive_5 detached_sleeves eyeshadow feathered_wings get hair_ornament hetero japanese_clothes large_breasts lipstick makeup mole mole_under_mouth nude nyotengu panties panties_aside raburebo sex spread_legs sweat tabitha tengu_geta vaginal wings a bardock black_eyes blue_(dragon_ball) dragon_ball dragonball_z eyebrows eyelashes eyes eyes_closed frieza frown grandpa_gohan looking_away mai_(dragon_ball) majin_buu marron monochrome muten_roushi pilaf radar simple_background tkgsize translation_request umigame_(dragon_ball) vegeta  1girl a alternate_eye_color aqua_eyes aqua_hair azumanga_daiou bangs bare_arms blue_background buttons character_name cloud_print collared_shirt curly_hair dancing horn itatatata komano_aun legs_apart long_hair looking_at_viewer paw_pose red_shirt shirt shorts simple_background solo standing text touhou white_shorts  1boy 1girl a age_difference anus ass azumanga_daiou bangs black_eyes black_hair blue_hair blush breasts breath crying fog hat hetero highres indoors large_breasts locker long_hair one-piece_swimsuit open_mouth peach_fuzz pubic_hair pussy pussy_juice pussy_juice_string pussy_juice_trail sakaki school_swimsuit shota sorashu spread_legs steam straight_shota sweat swim_cap swimsuit swimsuit_aside tagme tears teenage_girl_and_younger_boy uncensored wet  10s 2boys a ahoge black_hair check_translation climbing hitofuri_ichigo holding holding_shoes ichigo_hitofuri katana male_focus military military_uniform multiple_boys namazuo_toushirou no_mo shoes sword touken_ranbu translation_request uniform weapon window

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