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Sometimes a reference to Azumanga_Daioh, but other times, simply an interjection expressing surprise.

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1girl a animated animated_gif bandage bar_censor bed bed_sheet bedroom black_panties blue_hair breast_grab breasts censored choker cleavage eyepatch eyes_closed fingering large_breasts mask masturbation nurse nurse_cap on_bed open_mouth pale_skin panties_aside pointless_censoring pussy pussy_juice scar self_fondle skullgirls solo spread_legs sweat thighs underwear valentine_(skullgirls) wine wine_bottle wine_glass 1girl a ahoge animal_ears ariake_(azur_lane) azur_lane bangs bell blonde_hair blunt_bangs blush breasts choker cleavage commentary_request fang hair_bell hair_ornament jingle_bell large_breasts open_mouth pantyhose purple_eyes sailor_collar shirako_sei short_hair simple_background sitting slit_pupils solo tail white_background white_legwear wide_sleeves  1girl a animal_ears ariake_(azur_lane) azur_lane bell blonde_hair breasts collarbone commentary_request detached_sleeves fang hair_ornament highres holding_ears large_breasts looking_at_viewer open_mouth purple_hair shirako_sei sitting solo thighhighs white_background  1boy 1girl a bag belt black_hair blazer blue_hair blush bow bowtie bracelet cherry_blossoms collarbone couple cowboy_shot dress_shirt eye_contact fairy_tail finger_to_another's_mouth flower gajeel_redfox green_blazer grey_pants grey_skirt grin hair_flower hair_ornament hand_in_pocket headband holding holding_bag index_finger_raised jacket jewelry leaning_forward levy_mcgarden long_hair looking_at_another miniskirt necktie open_blazer open_clothes open_jacket outdoors pantherlily pants pink_flower pleated_skirt rusky school_bag school_uniform shirt signature skirt smile standing sweatdrop very_long_hair white_flower white_shirt yellow_bow yellow_neckwear  1girl a akino_shuu breasts brown_eyes brown_hair character_name hachimaki hair_ribbon hairband headband ise_(kantai_collection) japanese_clothes kantai_collection large_breasts looking_at_viewer ponytail red_ribbon remodel_(kantai_collection) ribbon sheath sheathed short_hair simple_background skin_tight solo undershirt white_background white_hairband 1girl a ahoge anchor_symbol arched_back bare_shoulders beach bikini blue_sky breasts cleavage commentary_request day eyebrows_visible_through_hair fisheye flower gluteal_fold hair_flower hair_ornament hibiscus highres innertube kamioka_shun'ya large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer lying midriff navel on_side original outdoors pink_eyes shiny shiny_skin side-tie_bikini silver_hair sky solo striped striped_bikini swimsuit thigh_gap

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