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A full robot that is designed to look either completely or primarily human, very frequent in general science_fiction and cyberpunk works. They may appear male, female, or androgynous; however, female androids are the most common in anime (they're called gynoids). Some androids have small robotic appendages or markings to make it apparent to the viewer that they are not human. The most common of these are robot_ears, robot_joints, mechanical_wings, and attached cables.

By rule of thumb, androids should look at least 80% human, usually having something resembling skin (though it needn't be skin-colored) and fully human faces.

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* Animal_robot

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 1girl alternate_costume android animal_ears bare_shoulders black_legwear blue_leotard breasts bunny_ears bunny_tail bunnysuit cleavage commentary_request cyborg himo kos-mos leotard long_hair solo tail very_long_hair xenosaga  1girl android breasts commentary_request cyborg dress hair_ornament m.o.m.o. pink_hair short_hair solo xenosaga xenosaga_episode_i yellow_eyes 1girl android ass bare_shoulders blue_hair breasts elbow_gloves expressionless forehead_protector gloves green322 gun highres kos-mos kos-mos_re: leotard long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts red_eyes solo standing thighhighs weapon white_leotard xenoblade_(series) xenoblade_2 xenosaga1boy 1girl abanasosu android armor comedy costume_switch green_hair helmet holding_staff pandora_(rockman) prometheus red_eyes rockman rockman_zx scythe staff sweatdrop weapon white_background 1boy android ballpoint_pen_(medium) blonde_hair capcom cyber_elves eyes_closed from_below long_coat long_hair looking_down male_focus marker_(medium) multiple_persona omega_(rockman) plume robot rockman rockman_zero rockman_zero_3 serious tokigi_akira traditional_media 1girl android arms_on_knees blue_eyes boots braceet closed_mouth forehead_jewel hand_on_own_knee helmet knees_together_feet_apart leviathan_(rockman) looking_at_viewer rockman rockman_zero sitting smile solo thigh_boots thighhighs tokigi_akira

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