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Tag type: General


Refers to when a person wears an apron over their otherwise nude body. The epitome of the "teaser shot," naked apron often covers the chest/breasts (or at a bare minimum, the nipples) and genitals while leaving the ass exposed. Aprons that only cover from the waist down leaving the upper body fully exposed exist as well.

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1girl apron ass bangs bare_arms bare_shoulders black_hair black_sailor_collar blush breasts closed_mouth commentary_request cowboy_shot cropped_legs eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_visible_through_hair hair_between_eyes highres holding kinukawa_chinatsu ladle looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side multicolored_hair naked_apron original purple_eyes purple_hair sailor_collar simple_background small_breasts solo streaked_hair tsunekichi white_apron white_background1girl ahoge animal_ears apron ass bed_sheet bell bell_collar black_hair blush bow breasts brown_eyes cat_ears cat_tail character_doll chibi claws collar commentary_request fate/grand_order fate_(series) frills fujimaru_ritsuka_(female) fujimaru_ritsuka_(male) gloves hair_bow hair_ribbon highres large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer lying maid_apron maid_headdress naked_apron on_side one_side_up pillow pink_hair ribbon sideboob solo sparkle tail tamamo_(fate)_(all) tamamo_cat_(fate) yuge_(mkmk)1girl apron dragon english furry ishimura_reiji naked_apron open_mouth solo teal_eyes1boy 2girls animal_ears apron areolae blush breast_grab breasts cape fate/grand_order fate_(series) fox_ears glasses gloves grabbing huge_breasts kamaboko_(ossann0125) long_hair looking_at_viewer maid_headdress monochrome multiple_girls naked_apron nude osakabe-hime_(fate/grand_order) paw_gloves paws sketch smile tamamo_(fate)_(all) tamamo_cat_(fate) 1girl afuro animal_ear_fluff animal_ears apron bare_shoulders bell bell_collar blush breasts cat_paws cleavage collar fangs fate/grand_order fate_(series) fox_ears fox_tail gloves hair_ribbon jingle_bell large_breasts looking_at_viewer naked_apron one_eye_closed open_mouth paw_gloves paws pink_hair ponytail red_ribbon ribbon sideboob solo tail tamamo_(fate)_(all) tamamo_cat_(fate) yellow_eyes 1girl apron areolae armpits bangs bare_shoulders black_apron blue_eyes blue_hair blush breast_slip breasts cleavage gradient gradient_background gundam gundam_build_fighters hanging_breasts haro_button_badge heart huge_breasts iori_rinko johnny_(from_scratch) lactation lactation_through_clothes leaning_forward long_hair looking_at_viewer milf naked_apron nipples simple_background solo standing very_long_hair

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