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An animated sequence, whether an animated_gif or animated_png, or a webm file. Posts should always be tagged one of these more specific tags in addition to animated.

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2girls animated animated_gif areolae breasts erect_nipples fight_ippatsu!_juuden-chan!! kuran_shunt large_breasts multiple_girls nipples reika_galvani symmetrical_docking yuri1girl animated animated_gif areola_slip areolae aresta_blanket bouncing_breasts breasts cleavage erect_nipples fight_ippatsu!_juuden-chan!! large_breasts nipples soloanimated animated_gif aresta_blanket blue_hair bounce bouncing_breasts breasts fight_ippatsu!_juuden-chan!! large_breasts nipple_slipanimated animated_gif aresta_blanket blue_hair breasts convenient_censoring fight_ippatsu!_juuden-chan!! glasses nipples nude2girls animated animated_gif areolae bounce bouncing_breasts breasts fight_ippatsu!_juuden-chan!! kuran_shunt large_breasts multiple_girls nipples reika_galvani2girls animated animated_gif blush breast_grab breasts eyes_closed fight_ippatsu!_juuden-chan!! grabbing groping kuran_shunt large_breasts licking multiple_girls nipple_tweak nipples nude red_hair reika_galvani white_hair yuri

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