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Tag type: General

Fingernails (and toenails) are small keratin envelopes at the end of each finger (and toe), which evolved from claws. Their purpose is to offer mechanical protection, to improve fingertip sensing, and to serve as a precision tool for holding and pulling small objects.

Use this tag wherever there are distinct fingernails visible on the picture, since they are often omitted to simplify hand drawing.

Further tags may apply depending on the depiction of the nails:
* Generally females let their nails to grow further than the end of the finger. If they look like this, use the long_fingernails tag.
* Nails could be filed to be pointy, or monster characters have it as such. In this case, use the sharp_fingernails tag.
* Females (and some males) often paint (apply lacquer/varnish to) their nails as a decoration or as a fashion statement. If the nail is colored otherwise than the character's skin color, use the nail_polish tag.
* Nails can be decorated with color patterns or small ornaments. If the nails aren't simply just painted or natural, use the nail_art tag.

See also:
* long_fingernails
* sharp_fingernails
* nail_polish
* nail_art
* artificial_nails
* claws
* horns

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