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Tag type: General

A social unit composed of parents and their children (at least one).

Parents don't necessarily need to be biological, guardians are fine too as long as they are part of the same household.
In case one of the parents is deceased this tag may be used with only one parent and their children.

Additionally grandparents and extended family may be included in the image, but only if the family itself is complete.
Complete being all living parents and their children.

When it's only a single parent with one child use the following tags instead:

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2boys 3girls alternate_hair_style blue-eyes_alternative_white_dragon blue-eyes_chaos_max_dragon blue-eyes_white_dragon blue_eyes chaos_emperor_dragon_envoy_of_the_end clothes commission crossed_arms crossover deep-eyes_white_dragon dragon dragon_wings duel_monster family father_and_son formal glowing glowing_eyes grey_hair grin jacques_schnee kisara long_hair looking_at_viewer mother_and_daughter multiple_boys multiple_girls need_tags plain_background rwby sharp_teeth short_hair smile suit tears teeth tie vest weiss_schnee white_hair whitley_schnee willow_schnee wings winter_schnee yu-gi-oh! yuu-gi-ou yuu-gi-ou_duel_monsters yuu-gi-ou_the_dark_side_of_dimensions zelka941boy 1girl @_@ armlet bare_shoulders black_dress blonde_hair blue_eyes blush borrowed_design bowser bowser_jr bowsette bracelet breast_rest breasts breasts_on_head brown_hair cleavage collar controller crown crying crying_with_eyes_open cypherone dress earrings embarrassed facial_hair family fangs game_controller gamepad genderswap genderswap_(mtf) high_heels highres horns jewelry koopa_shell large_breasts long_hair mario_(series) new_super_mario_bros._u_deluxe nintendo parody playing_games shoes simple_background smile spiked_armlet spiked_bracelet spiked_collar spiked_shoes spikes steam strapless strapless_dress super_crown super_mario_bros. sweat tears turtle_shell white_background 1boy 3girls alternate_hairstyle bangs black_eyes black_hair blunt_bangs blurry blurry_background brown_eyes brown_hair car_interior chin_rest closed_mouth commentary driving eyes_closed family father_and_daughter girls_und_panzer goripan ground_vehicle hair_up highres husband_and_wife light_smile looking_at_another looking_at_viewer mother_and_daughter motion_blur motor_vehicle multiple_girls nishizumi_maho nishizumi_miho nishizumi_shiho nishizumi_tsuneo open_mouth rear-view_mirror shirt short_sleeves siblings sisters smile tank_top truck white_shirt younger 2girls charlotte_pudding charlotte_smoothie family multiple_girls one_piece siblings sisters 1boy 2girls ame_(ookami_kodomo) animal_ears azumawari_(azumofu) black_hair blue_hair brown_eyes brown_hair cheek-to-cheek commentary_request family hana_(ookami_kodomo) hug long_hair md5_mismatch mother_and_daughter mother_and_son multiple_girls one_eye_closed ookami_kodomo_no_ame_to_yuki open_mouth revision smile yuki_(ookami_kodomo)  /\/\/\ 1girl 2boys armor baby bardock black_hair boots carrying_over_shoulder comic couple dirty dirty_clothes dirty_face dragon_ball expressionless eyelashes family father_and_son frown full_body gine greyscale hetero highres indoors looking_at_another monochrome mother_and_son multiple_boys profile scar short_hair silent_comic smile son_gokuu space_craft spiked_hair standing tail tkgsize upper_body younger

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