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A very well-known video game company that started out as a hanafuda manufacturer.

Associated Franchises
Animal Crossing (doubutsu_no_mori)
Donkey Kong (donkey_kong_(series))
Fatal Frame (US), Project Zero (EU) (fatal_frame)
Fire Emblem (fire_emblem)
F-Zero (f-zero)
Ice Climber (ice_climber)
Kid Icarus (kid_icarus)
Kirby (kirby_(series))
Metroid (metroid)
Mother (mother_(game))
Pikmin (pikmin)
Pokémon (pokemon)
Star Fox (star_fox)
Super Mario Bros. (super_mario_bros.)
Super Smash Bros. (super_smash_bros.)
The Legend of Zelda (the_legend_of_zelda)
WarioWare (warioware)
Xenoblade (xenoblade)

Consoles and accessories
Famicom / NES
Super_Famicom / SNES
—Nintendo GameCube
——Game_Boy_Advance SP

See also:
Yamauchi_Hiroshi (3rd president)
Iwata_Satoru (4th president)

External links:
Official website (EN):
Wikipedia article on Nintendo:

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