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Tag type: General

For more hints, play Metal Gear Solid and ignore the stealth aspect.
Just kidding!

A combination of the exclamation and question marks, conveying both surprise and wonder/disbelief at the same time. The order of the marks depends on the context being shown by the "conveyer."

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!? 3girls :d arm_up arms_up assisted_exposure black_choker black_eyes black_hair black_panties blonde_hair blue_bow blue_skirt blue_sky blush bow cheerleader chima_q choker collarbone commentary_request confetti convenient_censoring day drill_hair eyes_closed fairy_wings fang gluteal_fold hair_bow hat highres large_bow leg_up luna_child midriff multiple_girls navel open_mouth outdoors outstretched_arm panties panty_pull pleated_skirt pom_poms skirt sky smile star_sapphire sunny_milk sweat sweating_profusely tank_top thigh_gap touhou tripping underwear wings!? 2girls bare_shoulders chichizuki_(manman-ya) comic cup dudou eyes_closed face_down fate/grand_order fate_(series) food long_hair looking_at_another medium_hair minamoto_no_raikou_(fate/grand_order) multiple_girls navel open_mouth partially_colored plate shuten_douji_(halloween)_(fate) smile tongue tongue_out translation_request !? 1girl arm_warmers asashio_(kantai_collection) ass black_hair black_legwear blue_eyes blush evening game highres kantai_collection lips long_hair looking_at_viewer orange_sky pipe playground pleated_skirt scared school_uniform shirt short_sleeves skirt sky suspenders sweatdrop tamayan thighhighs tube white_shirt  !? 1girl absurdres belt boots bracelet claws deltarune eyes_visible_through_hair hair_over_eyes hair_over_one_eye hand_on_hip highres jewelry long_hair messy_hair multiple_views over_shoulder purple_hair purple_skin sketch sleeveless smile spiked_armlet spiked_bracelet spikes surprised susie_(deltarune) suurin_(ksyaro) sweatdrop very_long_hair weapon weapon_over_shoulder  !? >_< 1girl 1other braid fire_emblem fire_emblem:_kakusei fire_emblem_heroes hairband hood hood_up long_hair nakabayashi_zun nintendo olivia_(fire_emblem) open_mouth pink_hair ponytail robe simple_background summoner_(fire_emblem_heroes) tears twin_braids white_background !? 1girl animal_ears black_eyes black_hair blush breast_grab breasts clenched_hands constricted_pupils creatures_(company) disembodied_limb embarrassed fang female furry game_freak gen_5_pokemon grabbing gradient_hair grey_background hair_ornament hands_up highres japanese_text long_hair medium_breasts multicolored_hair navel nintendo no_humans no_nipples nose_blush open_mouth personification pokemon pokemon_(creature) red_hair simple_background solo speech_bubble standing surprised translation_request very_long_hair wolf_ears xan_(xan0712) zoroark

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