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Tag type: General

Double exclamation points often express surprise or shock or sudden pain.

Use this tag for any set of multiple exclamation points outside of a text bubble, unless they are the only things in the text bubble.

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!, !?, ?

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!! 1boy 1girl backpack bag bangs barefoot black_hair black_shirt blush brown_hair censored closed_mouth cowboy_shot eyebrows_visible_through_hair fang feet flat_chest hair_ornament hair_scrunchie hetero loli meow_(nekodenki) mosaic_censoring naked_randoseru nipples no_eyes nude open_mouth original penis polka_dot_scrunchie profile randoseru saliva scrunchie shirt short_hair speech_bubble suspended_congress text tied_hair toes translation_request tsundere twintails !! 1boy 2girls carriage comic glasses highres horse lamppost maam._(summemixi) monochrome multiple_girls road sweat translation_request  ! !! 2girls anger_vein aura bangs blunt_bangs comic emphasis_lines gloves head_scarf highres laughing maam._(summemixi) monochrome motion_blur multiple_girls punching robe shouting spoken_exclamation_mark teeth translation_request  ! !! 1boy 2girls admiral_(kantai_collection) asakaze_(kantai_collection) ass black_hair blonde_hair blue_hair blue_skirt blush bow crane giantess green_skirt hair_bow holding_person japanese_clothes kantai_collection long_hair looking_back matsukaze_(kantai_collection) multiple_girls parted_lips shadow short_hair simple_background sitting sitting_on_person size_difference skirt solo_focus spoken_exclamation_mark utopia wariza white_background  !! 1girl arms_up bangs bell bell_choker black_bra black_legwear black_panties blonde_hair blush bra cat_cutout cat_ear_panties cat_lingerie choker cleavage_cutout eyebrows_visible_through_hair frilled_bra frills full-face_blush haikyuu!! heart jingle_bell lingerie meme_attire musical_note namo navel open_mouth panties paw_print quaver short_hair side-tie_panties side_ponytail solo speech_bubble thighhighs thighs underwear yachi_hitoka yellow_eyes !! 1girl ? bikini bikini_around_one_leg black_bikini eyebrows_visible_through_hair female flat_chest gotou_jun loli long_hair looking_at_viewer navel ogyadya_(user_grsd8822) parted_lips purple_eyes side-tie_bikini solo swimsuit tenshi_no_3p! text translation_request

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