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A brown haired woman dressed in military fatigues. She actually originates in the 1994 visual novel Policenauts, which was created by Kojima Hideo. Policenauts has never been exported, but English fan translations do exist. In that game, she is portrayed as a more experienced warrior and is fond of knives and sports a tattoo.

She first appears in the Metal Gear series in Metal_Gear_Solid for PS1. She is a rookie soldier who has been captured and teams up with Snake after she breaks herself free. She really wants to become a great soldier like her heroes, but unfortunately, she learns the hard way that war is not so glorious. Her inexperience lands her into danger as the game's villains prove to be far too dangerous for her to handle. She also has difficulty in killing people. Even when Snake at one point tells her repeatedly to shoot, she was unable to bring herself to do so until the enemy was about to open fire. Despite being opposites, Snake and Meryl form an intimate relationship over the course of the game. She is related to Colonel Roy Campbell who hopes the more experienced Snake can bring her back safely.

After a long absence from the series, Meryl returns in Metal Gear Solid 4 as a much more experienced and hardened soldier who is now the leader of her own team.

She is voiced by Terase_Kyoko (both in Policenauts where she is credited as Terase_Megumi and in the Metal Gear Solid games)

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