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Refers to the iconic 1987 Michael_Jackson song and especially its accompanying music video, which adopts a 1930s gangster aesthetic. Said video was originally part of the Michael Jackson feature film, Moonwalker. It is famous for the gravity defying lean Micheal and his fellow dancers perform in the video. In the original video, this was done by using wires, but Michael and his dancers found a way to do this seemingly impossible move in live concerts as well. For the live concerts, Jackson created a mechanism that was built into the stage floor and when Jackson and the dancers were in position to perform the lean, pegs would rise up underneath their shoes. Jackson and his dancers wore special shoes, with the heels cut out and ankle supports that would be able to slide onto the pegs and hold the dancers into place, allowing them to perform the lean.

Michael's costume (white suit and fedora) in the video is also one of his more well known outfits and has even been homaged in Japanese pop culture. Battle Arena Toshinden's Ten Count is based off of Michael Jackson's appearance in the Smooth Criminal and one of the alternate colors of Hazama's outfit matches the color scheme of Michael's outfit in the video.

The song was later covered by Alien Ant Farm in 2001, who turned it into a fast-paced rock song and became popular in its own right.

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