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A calm, black-haired, busty, female shinigami in the anime/manga Bleach. Captain of the Fourth Division of the Gotei 13. She wears her hair in a long, front_braid. She functions as a medic in Soul Society and because of this, she generally stays away from combat. Although she is relatively youthful looking, she is one of the older and more experienced members of Soul Society.

She is a gentle woman who often smiles and treats her fellow Soul Society members with kindness and respect. However, quite a few Soul Society members, even the more powerful ones, express fear of angering her. Even though she never visibly shows anger, when she asks someone, while still smiling, a second time to do something, the recipient unfailingly obeys her.

Her name, Retsu, can be translated as 'violent.'

She is voiced by Hisakawa_Aya.

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